QuizXpress professional game show production system

About Game Show Crew

Welcome to the website of Game Show Crew. We are a software development company based in The Netherlands and we specialize in the development of custom audience response solutions and interactive gaming concepts. Our mission is to build the most flexible, most productive and best looking game show production software in the market. 

QuizXpress logoOur flagship product is QuizXpress, an advanced, profesional game show production system that supports up to 4000 players using wireless keypads/buzzers or mobile phones. QuizXpress helps organizations in building entertaining, interactive, multimedia game shows and is used on a daily basis around the world by event companies, trainers, teachers, in pubquizzing, for personal events and many more purposes. See www.quizxpress.com for more information about QuizXpress or visit our Facebook page for examples on how you can use QuizXpress for your business.

We also sell/rent a wide range of game show/quiz equipment that is fully integrated with the QuizXpress software suit. Contact us for more details on how we can help you build your perfect game show event.

QuizXpress quiz buzzers keypads and scoreboards